Beauty enthusiasts have been exfoliating their faces with urine.

Beauty gurus using pee to exfoliate

Beauty gurus using pee to exfoliate

Some people are so desperate to have soft, glowing, skin that they've turned to pee to help achieve their desired complexion.

The new trend - also known as the urotherapy - sees people dab small amounts of their own bodily fluid on to their flesh.

Although this seems to be a craze that is proving popular because it's free and can be done at home, urotherapy has actually been around for a long time as The Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans reportedly relied on it to clear their skin.

However, not all dermatologists are convinced and believe products bought from the shop will contain more urea than pee.

Dr Sejal Shah, a specialist clinician from New York, told Refinery 29: ''Urine is primarily water and there's very little urea in it. It contains less than five per cent and actual skincare products with urea contain ten per cent or more.''