A builder was arrested for renovating his home naked.

Nude builder

Nude builder

The 42-year-old workman, Rob Jenner, decision to bare all whilst working on his property in Eccles, Kent, bar a pair of workman boots and a work belt, is allegedly set to appear in court after his shocking display, according to The Mirror Online.

However this was not the first time Rob startled his neighbours building with his bare buttocks on show.

After receiving a number of complaints for flaunting his manhood, Rob erected a sign to warn nosy onlookers not to be offended by his manhood.

The sign read: ''A naturist is working on this property, please do not take offence.''

But one onlooker wasn't offended by the site and was pleased to see the ''pleasant man'' bare all.

She said: ''I've got a husband, sons and grandchildren so maybe that's why it doesn't shock me so much. Plus he's not a bad looking chap.''

Despite the notice, Rob has been charged for the second time for harassing his neighbours and causing alarm and distress with his nudity.