A Chinese inventor has created a condom which doubles as a prosthetic.

New condom created

New condom created

The new condom reportedly boost the sexual pleasure value for men who are less-endowed and a patent has been filed in China to make the wearer's manhood feel and look larger, the Metro reports.

Patent applications are currently in the first stage in protecting the invention and to use it, men just place it on as usual and place a strap around their testicles, which stops it falling off during sex.

Similarly to a WonderBra, the condom features a sandwich layer which can be inflated or filled with various kinds of materials to make it stiffer, harder and larger.

The person who created this new product wrote in their patent: ''Condoms do not help enough the hardness of the penis to meet the needs of female sex object and improve the technical issues of sexual pleasure value.''

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