The first drive-thru marijuana store has been opened in Colorado.

Drive-thru marijuana store opens in Colorado

Drive-thru marijuana store opens in Colorado

The Tumbleweed Express officially opened its doors on Thursday (20.04.17), and is a new development for the state which legalised the drug in 2012.

The process works like any other drive-thru experience, with customers selecting what they want from a menu and ordering it from the car park outside, before driving to pick it up from a counter in a disused car wash.

Speaking to ABC News, the store's CEO Mark Smith said: ''Almost like ordering sushi, we're going to have paper menus where people can fill out exactly what they want and then give them to the security out there.

''That will be communicated into here, so they can prepare their order in advance. So really the drive-thru is hopefully just going to be a pick up point.''

The store even offers three separate entrances for people to pick up their orders, including one designed for discretion which Mark says allows people to ''drive up and get out without anyone seeing them.''

Whilst marijuana is now legal in selected states throughout the US, it is still firmly illegal in the UK.