A duck has over 300 friends on Facebook.

Duck's social media famous

Duck's social media famous

A feathered bird called Clover has become a media sensation and even boasts hundreds of internet pals after he was born with poor health and lost his twin at birth.

Clover's surrogate mother, Emma Stanworth, looked after the duckling and has since nursed the webbed-footed being back to health.

Speaking to The Sunday People about her pet, she said: ''We didn't think she'd survive. Her health was poor and people told me to put her to sleep.

''But I knew with patience and hope I could get her fit and healthy.

''She follows me everywhere, she's imprinted herself on me.

''She'll follow me into shops. If I'm carrying something she jumps up for a look. She even comes on the bus, to the pub and to the swimming pool. She's like a dog.

''When we go out, people love to see her and hold her. It's not something you see every day. They really don't expect it.''