A goldfish was discovered inside a pint glass of water in the boot of a crashed car.

Goldfish in pint glass survives car crash

Goldfish in pint glass survives car crash

The aqua pet, which was believed to have been taken from a home during a burglary, was still alive and the glass of water remained upright - despite the vehicle coming to a crashing stop, according to reports by Your Local Guardian.

Police officers were stunned to make the unusual discovery and were especially puzzled by how the glass failed to break or spill over during the vehicle's pursuit in Chessington.

Seb Ellis of Kingston Police, the force that located the car, said: ''We discovered a goldfish, in a pint glass, just sitting there chilling and casually staring at us. We couldn't understand how even after the fast driving and the crash the pint glass was still upright!''

Officers affectionately named the goldfish Peter.

The fish was returned to its home and put back in his tank.

A man, believed to be the driver of the car, has since been arrested.