A James Bond fan turned up to his wedding on a wakeboard.

James Bond style wedding

James Bond style wedding

A thrill-seeking groom named Matt Knight had all eyes on him when he made an action-packed entrance to his own wedding at Chateau Rhianfa hotel in Anglesey, which saw him whiz along the lake on a board attached to a rope connected to a boat dressed in a dinner suit, according to the Mail Online.

The husband-to-be showed off his skills to the wedding guests and completed a somersault as he approached the venue.

And Matt, who is a huge fan of the 007 franchise, was accompanied by his two best men on the unusual journey in.

But the big entrance came as ''no surprise'' to his bride Kirsty, who is a finance director from Stoke-on Trent, looked on at the events which she said were ''no surprise'' given that Matt is a ''huge bond fan''.

She said: ''Matt is a huge Bond fan so it came as no surprise when he suggested a crazy stunt like this.''

Thankfully Matt and his best men changed into dry suits when they reached the venue.