A trio of abandoned kittens have been rescued and renamed after crisp brands.

Kittens named after crisps

Kittens named after crisps

The one-month-old cats, who were dumped in an empty crisp box in London, have since been found and re-homed by Blue Cross animal hospital, and have been named after popular brands McCoy, Dorito and Pringle.

A veterinary nurse, Tracey Parnell, told The Mirror Online: ''McCoy, Dorito and Pringle were really underweight, scared and cold when they were brought in to us.

''We treated them for fleas, warmed them up and fed them kitten milk using a syringe, which perked them up a bit.''

''Kittens this young are so helpless, so it's really lucky they found their way to us in time.

''We would ask anyone struggling to care for a pet to contact a charity like Blue Cross and never just leave them to fend for themselves.''

The furry pets are currently being monitored before heading to a Blue Cross centre and finding a new home.