A man gave his wife a taxidermy cat for their first wedding anniversary.

Cat present

Cat present

A husband bought his spouse a stuffed feline to celebrate the momentous occasion, however his wife was unimpressed by the gift and was worried homing a dead animal would cause her own living furry pets to have ''long term psychological effects''.

Speaking to the Mirror Online about the present, she said: ''My husband garbage picked a very badly taxidermied cat for me for our first wedding anniversary, because nothing says I love you like' your favourite animal, only dead.''

''It was clearly someone's pet, and its tragic gaze is hauntingly beautiful in a way. Not a way that I want in my house, but I imagine someone might.

''[I was worried] about the long term psychological effects on my two (alive) cats, who have now accepted living with a dead, badly stuffed relative as normal.''

The stuffed decoration has since been put for sale on the online auction site and has been bought for £102.