The King of the Netherlands has had a secret part-time job as a pilot for over two decades.

Holland's secret pilot

Holland's secret pilot

King Willem-Alexander rules the European country, but he has reportedly been co-piloting KLM passenger flights twice a month for the past 21 years and refers to his other job as a ''hobby''.

He said: ''For me the most important thing is that I have a hobby for which I need to concentrate completely.''

And the ruler believes passengers don't recognise him or his voice when he speaks over the tannoy because he claims the travellers are not listening to his instructions anyway.

He told De Telegraaf: ''The advantage is that I can always say that I wish everyone a heartfelt welcome in the name of the captain and the crew.

''So I don't have to say my own name. But most of the (passengers) don't listen anyway.''