A man got his hand wedged down the toilet after he went fishing for his phone.

Man gets arm stuck down toilet

Man gets arm stuck down toilet

The clumsy gentleman - who was using a squat-style bog at a hospital - accidentally dropped his mobile into the loo after doing his business and wasn't willing to part with his beloved device so pushed his arm down the small floor hole to retrieve it.

However, he not only got more than he bargained for in terms of excrement but he also went into panic mode when he realised his hand was trapped down the hole.

The man shouted for help and the hospital staff ran to his aid but there was nothing they could do and they were forced to enlist the help of the fire brigade.

The firefighters used specialist equipment to widen the hole but it wasn't a quick job and the man remained trapped in the ground for an hour before he was released.

Once he was freed, the man needed medical care as his arm was bleeding.

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, his phone was never found.