Nigella Lawson likes her tea ''strong but milky''.

Nigella Lawson stars in the new Typhoo advert

Nigella Lawson stars in the new Typhoo advert

The brunette beauty stars in the new Typhoo advert and discovers the nation's favourite way to drink the delicious brew in a series of scenes, including in the back of a London black taxi and in a tent on a stormy mountainside.

A miniature sized Nigella is then seen sipping Typhoo from a giant mug while looking around for a slice of cake, and is wearing an eye-popping red dress in the promo video.

The 57-year-old chef admitted she has a ritual when it comes to her own cuppa, revealing: ''I often drink my tea with the teabag still in the mug.''

And she confessed she might struggle to share if she found herself with only two teabags left.

She added: ''I have a terrible feeling that I might keep both for myself.

''But if there were anyone near me gasping for a cuppa, I'd like to think that actually I'd give it away happily.''

Typhoo CEO Somnath Saha is delighted to have the celebrity chef on board and added: ''We're so happy to have Nigella - a genuine Typhoo lover - working with us again.

''We all know the perfect cup of tea is a very personal thing, and everyone's taste is different.

''This campaign celebrates those subtle, but significant, preferences.''

The 30-second advert debuts on TV screens on May 12 and will be shown during 'Take Me Out' on Saturday on ITV.

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