A rare misprinted Twix chocolate bar was sold on eBay for over £30.

Twix bid

Twix bid

The bar of chocolate, which usually retails for less than £1, was put up for sale on the auctioning website for thirty times more expensive, according to Gloucestershire Live newspaper.

The sweet treat - described as a very rare misprinted Twice collectable chocolate bar - soon attracted bids in excess of £20 because it's label included a piece of tape wrapped around it's middle, which is from the end of the roll used for wrappers.

The item received a total of 22 bids before it was sold for £33, plus £1.50 for postage and packaging.

The seller has promised to donate 80p of every £1 paid to the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre, when the auction came to an end on Wednesday (05.10.16).

Doctors, nurses and staff at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital have thanked the seller for helping to raise money.