A survey has proved 80 per cent of women reject a male lover if they smell bad.

Sex secrets

Sex secrets

Research conducted by dating website VictoriaMilan has discovered a high amount of women expect the male sex to be well groomed, and almost 90 per cent of females have ended their romance because their partner's odour is too much to stand any longer.

And 78 per cent would rather go home alone instead of sharing a bed with a partner whose personal hygiene is slacking.

However, 53 per cent of females are in favour of the natural smell in comparison to 63 per cent of men who don't have a preference to the way their girlfriend or wife smell.

Speaking about the result, VictoriaMilan's CEO Sigurd Vedal said: ''There's no doubt that the scent of a lover is a strong emotional and sexual trigger - years after an affair has ended, you never forget how delicious they smelled. You can't really control how you look, but you can control how you smell - and that's a huge win.''