A three million year Mammoth tooth has been dubbed 'find of the century.'



The ''rare'' tooth was discovered by a couple, Wendy and John Booth, who were searching a beach in Walton-On-The-Naze in Essex, and the pair have admitted they were ''ecstatic'' when they came across the pre-historic find.

Wendy told The Mirror newspaper: ''I was ecstatic when I realised what it was. We have never found anything like this before. You could call it a find of the century.

''We are keeping it as a souvenir and are proudly displaying it in our cabinet at home.''

Steven Walker - who is the publicity officer at Naze visitor centre - has suggested that the couple's discovery is a ''rare find.''

He said: ''They have been turning up in Clacton. The theory is they were dredged up in the sand that was used to recharge the beaches in Holland-on-Sea.''