A woman has been reunited with her wedding rings after scrounging through 200 garbage bags.

wedding rings

wedding rings

The New York Sanitation Department sifted through hundreds of refuse bags at a depot in New Jersey to help a woman find her missing marital band, engagement ring and another sentimental piece of jewellery.

According to The Daily News, a woman accidentally threw away her beloved accessories when she took off the garments and securely wrapped them in a paper towel whilst she prepared duck meatloaf for Thanksgiving.

The woman thought her possessions had been swiped when the rubbish was collected on Friday (25.11.16) along with 13 tonnes of disposal.

However, the woman swiftly realised her waste had yet to be collected, and on Monday (28.11.16) recruited three family members and the sanitation crews to sift their way through the grime.

After two hours of searching the woman let out a cry of joy as she discovered the rings in one of the bags.