Ruth Slams Saturday

Alright Kanye West get over yourself! Why? I hear you ask… well he’s only gone and slammed our favourite Trousersnake and proclaimed himself as ”the voice of the generation…” Give me a bit of the Justin Timberlake lovin’ any day!

I’m actually hurt to know that that little lady Miley Cyrus has blasted the press in her new song. We’ve never been anything but nice to her here at FemaleFirst HQ… but the claws are out now!

The news we’ve all been waiting to hear is finally out Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are actually married. It’s taken them seven months to confirm the nuptuals but they are actually man and wife now… Congrats!

Rather than bash her husband’s head in with a frying pan, Cheryl Cole has decided to sue the British Press over the stories of her husbands affair… doesn’t she know that if you report something that is true that is actually legal.

The worst news ever now guys…. brace yourselves…the love of my life (if I was a lesbian) Angelina Jolie has decided to ‘fade away’ from Hollywood. Sad, but if you’re going to go Ange then please go with a bang….you’re not a fader!!

Ruth xx