Ruth’s Thursday Chatter

David and Victoria Beckham

Can someone please pass me a bucket to vomit into; Victoria and David Beckham have only gone and bought each other ‘magic’ necklaces because they believe it will keep them safe. I think someone might have been watching a few too many fantasy films.

I have just heard that Simon Cowell has banned himself from women after splitting with his girlfriend Terri Seymour. With a face like his; I don’t think it should be too difficult.

I always knew Pink was a bit hot headed but after hearing that she set her bedroom on fire during sex I think I’ll steer clear of making her angry. Her parents will be so proud.

I’ll let you make your own mind up about Lindsay Lohan’s new ‘clean living’ vow. Yep, she thinks there’s nothing to go out for anymore… err hello Lindsay.. sex, drugs and Rock and Roll?

Finally, keen to jump on the ‘lets have a baby and get famous’ train, Rachel Hunter has announced that she really wants to have a baby with her fiance Jarret Stoll. Yeah, a baby and a deal with a lucrative magazine to pay for the kids clothes until they’re 16.

Ruth xx

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