Friday Thoughts

Yet another famous face has admitted to having an addiction, good job Lil Wayne is only hooked on the sweet taste of candy. Phew!

It seems Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Ronson, is still craving attention and his latest attempt to get in the public eye is to announce he wants fans of the actress to “intervene in every way possible to help Lindsay”. He wants them to help Lindsay see how her girlfriend Samantha Ronson is destroying her life. We’re sure Lindsay will be delighted by this invitation by her father for fans to interfere in her life. The only one we see hurting Lindsay is this bloody fool.

Some interesting fashion news has reached us about Red Carpet Queen Angelina Jolie who apparently wore her dress backwards to the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards on Sunday. It’s unfortunate that her hugely embarrassing mistake has just been revealed to the world, and now all eyes will be upon her for a similar slip-up at next months Oscars. Don’t worry Ange, it’s not like you’re the favourite to win or anything…he he he

Right after we have got rid of the miserable Andy Murray, good god that boy need to crack a smile, we are at the business end of the Australian Open and Roger Federer looks on fine form as he strolls into the final.

Ruth xx

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