Ruth On Wednesday

Oh dear, someone has gotten a little bit too big for their boots haven’t they Leona Lewis? The star seems to have forgotten that it was the British music industry that put her where she is today, so snubbing this year’s BRIT awards because she isn’t nominated makes her look like an utter baby.

I think that Katy Perrybetter sleep with one eye open after rumours emerged that she’s bedding Paris Hilton’s ex boyfriend Benji Madden… although actually, maybe it should be Benji on the lookout, I think Travis McCoy looks a little scary!

Oh Dear. Could it be that someone is getting a bit too big for their own little fashionable boots? We only ask because Kate Moss apparently caused a bit of a stir on the set of her latest fashion plug. After showing up late to the shoot and then downing beer after beer, the supermodel then fled the scene in a bad mood. What utter class…

We’re sure Justin Timberlake will have a few words to say to his mum after her recent embarrassing comments. The singer’s mum Lyneen said she was concerned about Justin’s toilet habits after seeing the porta-loos at New York Fashion Week where Justin is showing his William Rast collection. Mrs Timberlake said: “I don’t know what Justin is going to do if he has to go to the bathroom. Those porta-potties are not cool!”

Ruth xx

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