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Pink is undoubtedly one of my favourite female singers… I love the way she’s all empowered and confident and is a real role model to young women, but erm, this picture… well, I’m just gob smacked.

Victoria Beckham must be feeling very generous at the moment after she’s offered to fork out a £50K cheque to pay for her sister Louise’s wedding. Err, VB, I need some new Mary Janes…

Apparently Bill Nighy has his finger on the pulse of everything Pirates of the Caribbean related as he believes a fourth movie may not go ahead. Now I don’t wish to be funny be the likelihood that he would be in a new movie are about zero so why would he know anything about it?

Cillian Murphy is hoping that a third Batman movie will go ahead, well aren’t we all! However the actor, who played Scarecrow in Batman Begins, was unable to shed any light on whether it would actually go ahead… at least bring us some juicy gossip for heaven’s sake.

Ruth xx

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