Katie Price Pregnant? Yawn

Katie Price can’t go through a week without being single / pregnant or in some major fight with some person or another – and this weeks ‘news’ is that she might be pregnant.

Apparently she was off the booze at the National Television Awards last week and when she was asked if she wanted a drink by a friend, she patted her tummy and replied, “Nah, I feel really fat.”
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Okay, so she hasn’t been drinking, she feels fat, either she’s actually pregnant, or (and more likely) she’s tired of Alex Reid getting press attention and thinks it’s about time she has some column inches of her own.

So, patting tummy and not drinking was clearly Katie’s way of making damn sure the papers wrote about her, and look here, it’s working – just keep your eye on Twitter, I’m sure she’ll be rambling on there soon.


  • lauren

    I think that katie price needs to get a reality check and stop pissing about and settle down with someone she actually likes and loves i’m sorry but i’m on team pete

  • aneece

    hey katie just to say i am not one anyones side but i think you should break up with alex coz he has been saying a lot of not nicee things about you on big brother and someone said to me that he like likes likes nicola t ok bye lov ya


  • caitlin

    lauren wise up she dosen’t need a reality check, and it look like shes setteld down with alex so what are you on about needs to settle down? team pete? wiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee up its not twilight were talking about!

  • gemma

    love kate, think you should all back off with your ratty opinions, if she’s pregnant – she’s pregnant. all this team rubbish is pointless. team pete, team kate. who caaares?!

  • Patricia Vannest

    Superb post…best i’ve seen in a while 🙂

  • gemma

    i think every1 needs to back off and leave her to it if u actually watch her show u will see the real her she is lovley and she desrves a happy relationship with alex !! love u katie xxxxx

  • good on her