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When I thought about losing weight, I started to wonder if it was possible for me to lose weight without having to cook ridiculously healthy meals for one. that’s the thing with me you see, I live alone so I resent buying loads of fruit and veg because I never eat it all before it goes out of date, and I don’t live anywhere with a good local market.

My ‘regular’ diet has always consisted of pasta with some kind of sauce and meat for tea, and I think it’s the carbs that have resulted in my ballooning up to 10 and a half stone. I want to lose weight, but I don’t want to waste a load of money on ingredients for ‘healthy recipes’ in supermarkets when I might not use, or even like a lot of them.

I know you can criticise me for that, but when you don’t get paid a hell of a lot, money is precious and when it’s so much easier to buy a bag of pasta and some tomatoes, I’d choose that over 5 portions of fruit and veg any day.

Luckily for me, Diet Chef agreed to let me trial their product to prove that by spending the same amount of money a regular person would on a monthly shop, I could have all my meals (and snacks) posted to me – all I had to do was heat them up and add any pieces of fruit or veg if I wanted to.

So, after picking pretty much one of everything on their menu, I started on the mission of weight loss, and I cannot actually believe that in two weeks. I have managed to shift just under half a stone! I honestly didn’t think a diet where I still ate full breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus a tasty snack)  would shift the pounds, but it totally did. In fact, I’m hoping their chef will give me the recipe for their Salmon Bake because it was out of this world!

Im not going to go into great raptures about what I did and didn’t eat, but I can tell you that their breakfast Granola and Porridge is really filling and gets you up for the day with a few slices of apple mixed in. my favourite had to be the pink Apple and Cinnamon Granola, but I could eat Cinnamon with anything….

For lunch I stuck to the soups because I don’t like milkshakes, and whilst you might think “A packet of soup for lunch? that’s never going to fill me up,” you’d be surprised how much it does. The tomato-based soups such as the Minestrone, Smoked Bacon & Bean Soup and Tomato and Spicy Beef were better than the home made soups our local bakery offers at lunchtime, and I didn’t even need a crusty roll with it. I did make the mistake of trying some Butternut Squash soup though, and I probably should have tried butternut squash before I ventured into eating it in soup form…. Lets just say, it’s an acquired taste.

Then there’s the all important snacks… I used to have one of mine every day at 3pm (my afternoon dip) and there were so many to choose from, I never got sick of one or the other. My favourite snack had to be the Salt & Vinegar popcorn because it was such a massive bag, it kept me going all through the afternoon, but their various GI Biscuits and Oat Bites were also great, sadly though, the same cannot be said for the Snack Bars… I feel awful for saying this as Diet Chef is really good, but the snack bars are like eating the inside of a car engine. Really, really, not good. So steer clear and stock up on the gigantic bags of popcorn.

Finally we come to the Dinner menu, I wanted one of everything when I signed up, but I stuck to the things I knew I loved, pasta, chicken and salmon. And I have zero complaints about any of the main meals. They’re a really good size and they taste better than anything I’ve ever cooked (to be honest though, I’m a rubbish cook) – you HAVE to give the Salmon & Vegetable Bake, Mixed Bean Pasta Salad and Beef Meatballs a whirl because they are just super duper. However, if you’re not a fan of anything spicy, I’d avoid the Chickpea Tagine…. I ended up eating a cheese sandwich on the ‘Tangine day’ after it blew my head off after a few forkfulls!

So in all, aside from hiring my own personal chef to make me healthy meals, on demand AND do the supermarket run, I think Diet Chef has been in January diet saviour…. Especially since I have been laid up with a bad back and unable to go to the gym, so if you can lose half a stone by sitting on your ass, watching Jeremy Kyle all day and eating delicious food, I think you’d be mad to miss out!


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  • Paul Smith

    Its really good diet to have.

  • Lydia

    Hey guys, I’m on diet chef two weeks tomorrow, n I’ve lost 8 pound. I’m so shocked.. I didn even feel hungry. The food is lovely apart from mushroom stroganoff, it’s not my cup of tea! But all in all I think it’s a good programme so far so good. Anybody new trying. Put in this coupon code MYDHGCHH

    n you will get 20% off at 🙂 I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, feel like my goal weight is not far away. Good luck to anyone trying the programme

  • Vicky

    Just ordered mine after having twins – no time to cook and some weight to lose! Discount voucher code MYEDGGHB will give you £10 off at checkout.

  • Slightly wary of posting on the Female First site but feel I must join others in complimenting Diet Chef. I do have a criticism but it is outweighed by the
    excellent food provided. The criticism: the instruction in the otherwise excellent
    manual to drink upto two quarts of water a day. This just isn’t necessary and may not be that healthy for a few of us. Yes, low calory drinks do help fill the void but one can really get used to the diet quite quicky without having to fill oneself up with liquid. Here’s a personal recommendation. There’s no need to keep drinking tea with milk – I have just discovered cherry tea as well as other fruit teas. They help and we all need help.

  • lolly

    LOL hello Diet Chef employee.

  • Donna

    I join diet chef 3 weeks ago and have lost 7lbs, it’s takes the hassle out of preparing low fat meals so it makes it easier to stick to, just ordered my second hamper so let you know how I get on.

    Agree that the mushroom stroganoff is not nice, but the curried parsnip soup is lovely!