My attempt at the Marine Diet

Before taking myself to Ibiza I decided that I needed a quick fix, something that would shift the pounds easily.

I knew I would easily gain back the weight as soon as my foot landed on the pavement from the plane. The alcohol was calling. And boy did it, because of my excessive week of partying I now have no voice, which is not great when you have a job that requires you to interview people.

Anyway, back to the main point of this blog. I wanted a quick fix so I enlisted the help of the Marine Diet. It was hard but I got results. I lost five pounds in five days to be exact.

With all the rushing in the run up to the holiday though, after the two weeks of completing the diet I forgot to weigh myself again. Stupid I know, after abstaining from all the yummy food I forgot to see whether my hard work had paid off.

But, my cousin who managed to remember found that she lost 10 pound in ten days – she finished the diet then because of a weekend trip to Newcastle.

I’ve never tried an extreme diet before this and believe you me, it is not easy to do. But it does encourage you when people tell you look like you’ve lost weight after just three days.
But I must warn that this diet is not to be carried out more than three times a year because of the effect that it has on your body.

I’ll tell you what the first day consists of – because this is what puts a lot of people off.

Breakfast – 3 eggs

Lunch – 3 eggs

Tea – 3 eggs

Yes, I kid you not. The first week, I had the first six hard boiled and the thought of any more turned my stomach, so for tea I had them poached.

The second week however, I was having the first three for breakfast and couldn’t finish them. Then when it came to lunch the need to throw-up over took the hunger. There was no chance that I was eating another three hard-boiled eggs. That night again I had poached eggs, so much easier to eat. (The reason I ate them hard boiled is because I was taking them to work with me.)

The diet contains the bare minimum of carbs, you don’t eat them everyday. It’s a protein-rich diet that promises results.

So, since touching back down on UK soil I’ve opted for something a lot safer. A meal-plan diet which I started on Monday, Diet Chef, which so far is going really well.

I’ll keep you posted and remember to weigh myself this time.