Can We Please Ban Screeching From The Women’s Game

It doesn’t matter what Grand Slam event we are bloody at we always end up discussing the same damn think… why do certain women make so much noise?

Yes the grunting and screeching is the topic of conversation because, to be perfectly frank, it is getting beyond a joke.

Surely this hideous noise, for which there is absolutely no need I might add, is doing nothing but harming the women’s game – all I want to do when Maria Sharapova is in full flow is switch her off.

But all I keep hearing is ‘they train like that’, ‘it’s a method of breathing’ and quite frankly it is all a load of rubbish.

Now I wouldn’t go as far as to call it cheating but it is incredibly unsporting – not to mention terribly irritating for everyone watching!

So surely it’s time to do something about this and stamp this awful noise out of the game once and for all.

Now many of the female players to make this deafening screech argue that it’s done on instinct and it can’t be helped – but just how instinctive would it be if points were docked?

I suspect that many may just be able to control themselves if points, games and sets were at stake.

I’m afraid drastic action needs to be taken because this really is getting out of control – not to mention that it’s desperately unfair to whoever is across the net.

No one is arguing that the likes of Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka aren’t super talented girls who deserve to do well in their sport but Jesus just put a sock in it.

Azarenka was on the end of some screeching jeers during and after her match on the Rod Laver Arena yesterday – the Aussie crowd copying the noise that she makes.

And the French make no secret of the fact that they are not fans of this hideous noise.

So it’s time for the WTA and other tennis governing bodies to step up to the plate and get rid of this trend for good – we should be talking about the great tennis these girls are playing not what sounds they are making every time they hit the ball.

FemaleFirst Helen Earnshaw