Helen Flanagan Being a Bimbo

Helen Flanagan has said in an interview with Love It! magazine that people think because she does sexy modelling that she’s a bimbo.

No Helen, we think you’re a bimbo because you are a bimbo.

Her modelling has little to do with why we think she’s a bimbo, you just have to watch 5 minutes of her on the latest I’m a Celeb series to know why she is a bimbo.

She doesn’t know how to wash her clothes, tidy her house or cook a decent meal at the age of 22.

She also believes that her boobs increase an entire cup size every time she eats. Now I’m no scientist but I’m pretty sure that isn’t possible.

And to add to that, she then posed with a gun to her head after the mass shooting in America.

So Helen, we don’t think you’re a bimbo because you model, you’ve proven yourself a bimbo all on your own.