Movie 43 New TV Spot

If all the Oscar films are not your cup of tea this new year then Movie 43 could be the movie that you have been waiting for.

The cast list is enough to make your mouth water as Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Elizabeth Banks are all on the cast list.

This is a film that sees Hollywood and some of cinema’s biggest names not taking themselves too serious – which is just fantastic.

We have the new TV spot for the movie for you to take a look at:

Elizabeth Banks is also in the director’s chair for part of the film while the likes of Brett Ratner and Peter Farrelly will also direct segments of the movie.

Movie 43 is not for the easily-offended and contains jaw-dropping, sometimes shockingly disturbing, but always entertaining intertwined storylines you’ll have to see to believe.

Movie 43 is released 25th January.