Movies I Can’t Wait To See In 2013

We are only four weeks into 2013 and we have already seen some totally fab movies hit the big screen – Zero Dark Thirty and Les Miserables were the ones that I was particularly excited about; I am pleased to report the neither disappointed.

And there are a whole host of movies that are on the horizon that I am equally excited about as we are in for one fantastic year at the cinema.

One of the first event movies that will be hitting the big screen is A Good Day To Die Hard with Bruce Willis returning to the role of John McClane.

McClane remains Willis’ most famous and popular role and A Good Day to Die Hard is the fifth movie in this super successful franchise.

This time around we see McClane team up with his son Jack – played by Jai Courtney – to once again kick some bad guy ass. I trailer for the film promises a lot of fun as the film is set to blend some great action and set pieces with the dry humour that McClane is known so well for.

If you want to see the first clip for the film then you can check it out on the FemaleFirst movie pages here.

I am a huge fan of foreign horror movies as the do what American movies in this genre don’t – thrill and scare.

And Mama looks set to be the next Guillermo Del Toro produced film to send shivers down your spine as he teams up with director Andrés Muschietti.

Annabel and Lucas are faced with the challenge of raising his young nieces that were left alone in the forest for 5 years…. but how alone were they?

In recent years we have seen the likes of The Orphanage and Julia’s Eyes hit the big screen and if Mama is half as good as these two films we are in for a treat – and Jessica Chastain is on the cast list which is also super exciting.

Of course no year would be complete without a blockbuster summer and it looks set to be another great one as there are some fantastic films on the horizon.

The one that I am most looking forward to is Iron Man 3 as we see Robert Downey Jr reprise the role of Tony Stark.

It is the first Iron Man film since 2010 and this third instalment promises to be the biggest and best yet as Shane Black takes over the director’s chair.

Marvel have made some fantastic movies in recent years and Iron Man 3 looks set to follow in those footsteps as Tony Stark is pushed to the brink when his personal life is destroyed.

Thor: The Dark World is another Marvel film that is not to be missed this year as Chris Hemsworth reprises the title role.

It was the character of Thor that brought Hemsworth to everyone’s attention in 2011 and he has gone on one hell of a rise since then.

This second movie follows on from the events of Avengers Assemble and Thor will have to battle an ancient race of Dark Elves led by the vengeful Malekith.

Alan Taylor is in the director’s chair this time around and cast members have been hinting that there is a real Game of Thrones feel to this new movie.

We have already talked about one Guillermo Del Toro produced project this year but he is set to return to the director’s chair with Pacific Rim.
This is the first film that he has helmed since Hellboy II: The Golden Army back in 2008 and Pacific Rim is set to be the science fiction that is not to be missed this year.

There are a whole host of fantastic sci-fi projects hitting the big screen this year but Pacific Rim is the one that I am most looking forward as Del Toro is one of the most exciting directors working in Hollywood.

The movie follows the humans who have been tasked to pilot giant robots to see off an alien invasion and sees Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam lead the cast.

Drive is one of the best movies of 2011 and this year sees Ryan Gosling reunite with director Nicolas Winding Refn for Only God Forgives.

Drive was an incredibly stylish film where both Gosling and Refn were on top form – fingers crossed this new movie is as good as that.

Other movies to watch out for this year include The Great Gatsby, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Wolverine.