Oz The Great And Powerful Charater Posters

Oz The Great And Powerful is a film that is set to take us back to the world of Oz for a story that we have never seen on the big screen before.

And one hell of a cast has been assembled for the film including James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams.

It is these four actors that we are focusing on today as we have some fantastic new character posters for you to check out:


 Oz (Oscar Diggs) 

Oscar Diggs, aka Oz, is a small-time magician who takes his magic act on the road as part of a traveling circus in the Midwest.

A man with dubious ethics, Oz is a handsome, charming charlatan who is skilled at smooth-talking his way out of problems.

When he is hurled into the magical Land of Oz, Oscar faces a fight-or-flight dilemma that holds the fate of a kingdom in the balance, forcing him to decide what kind of man he truly is before it is too late.



Theodora is a beautiful, naïve witch who is protected by her powerful sister Evanora.

Theodora only wants peace to come to the Land of Oz and truly believes that a prophesied wizard will arrive someday to restore order.



A witch to be feared, Evanora is Theodora’s over-protective sister. With her penetrating gaze, she exudes a powerful presence and has positioned herself as the royal advisor and protector of Emerald City.



Glinda is a good witch who rules over a peaceful kingdom of simple, kind folk. Beautiful Glinda is not only a compassionate and benevolent witch, but also a fierce protector of her people.

Though Glinda sees through Oz’s façade early on, she knows genuine goodness lies within and helps Oz achieve his true destiny.

Oz The Great And Powerful is released 8th March.