The Fall Of The Essex Boys Clip

The Fall Of The Essex Boys is a brand new take on the infamous Rettendon Range Rover murders – we have seen films such as Rise of the Footsoldiers and Essex Boys released over the years.

This time around Paul Tanter is in the director’s chair while Robert Cavanah, Kierston Wareing and Peter Barrett are all on the cast list.

And we have a great clip from the movie for you to look at featuring Kierston Wareing and Robert Cavanah discussing her life as a wife of The Firm, and the magnetic danger that means she can never leave

An 18 year old girl going into a coma after taking an ecstasy pill from a bad batch is the catalyst that sets in motion a series of events that leads to the demise of one of the most infamous criminal organisations in British History.

Detective Inspector Stone steps in to try and put pressure on an untouchable unit of criminals – Pat Tate, Tony Tucker and Craig Rolfe. The Essex Boys. In order to bring the criminals down, he must act out of the law to get things done.

As the Essex Boys grow stronger and more fearless, their addiction to drugs and power slowly starts to spiral out of control and they soon start to develop enemies everywhere.

As Stone starts to see the cracks forming in their organisation and with pressure from his peers he soon realises that bringing them down will be inevitable but the real test will come when he must find a way of getting his man on the inside out safely.

The Fall Of The Essex Boys is released 8th February.