People Take To Social Media In Support of Argo and Ben Affleck


In anticipation of the Academy Awards 2013, the public are taking to social media in their droves to discuss which films and actors they think should win the coveted golden statues.

According to business information group Precise, if Oscars were awarded based on social media discussions and review sites, then Argo would be a shoe-in for the coveted best film gong.

Three quarters of organic conversations within social media about Argo were favourable in tone and the film has generated the greatest number of mentions in connection with this year’s Oscars.

Indeed, Argo director Ben Affleck’s snub in the Best Director category is regarded by many social media users as unfair. In spite of not even being nominated, Affleck appears to be the people’s choice for Best Director.

Precise carried out social media analysis of conversations on Twitter, forums, blogs, other social media and leading review sites.

This analysis suggests that, if the Best Film were awarded based on popular opinion, Argo’s closest competition would be provided first and foremost by Lincoln and secondarily by Zero Dark Thirty.

Twenty per cent of conversations about Lincoln focus on Daniel Day-Lewis’s performance, suggesting he would be a worthy winner of the Best Actor award.

Likewise, many of the conversations about Zero Dark Thirty centre on Jessica Chastain’s performance, suggesting that she would be a popular pick for the Best Actress award.

If the Oscars were awarded based on social media conversations about reviews of the films, then the following would be well advised to prepare their acceptance speeches:

– Best Film: Argo
– Best Actor: Daniel Day Lewis for Lincoln
– Best Actress: Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty
– Best Director: Ben Affleck for Argo

“Of course, Affleck will not be picking up the Best Director award, but it would appear the Oscars’ snub only fuelled greater support for him and his film,£ comments James Withey, head of Brand Insight, Precise.

£The Oscars is a big deal on social media; it’s one of those events that people now feel they have the right to participate in. While they may not have a vote, they can question the nominations and make their opinions heard.”