The Raid 2 First Pics

If you did not see The Raid last year then you need to check it out as you are missing out on a major treat – this seriously was one of the best films of 2012.

The great news is the sequel to the film has begun filming with Gareth Evans back in the director’s chair and Iko Uwais returning as the central character Rama.

And we have some very first pics from the film for you to take a look at:

The Raid 2 First Pics 1The Raid 2 First Pics 2The Raid 2 First Pics 3The Raid 2 First Pics 4

I cannot express to you how excited I am about this film and I am delighted to see Evans back as he did such a wonderful job with The Raid.

The movie will follow on from The Raid and will see Rama going undercover to bring down a crime gang.

No release date for the film has yet been revealed – fingers crossed it is as soon as possible.