Katie Price Slams Victoria Beckham’s Parenting Skills

Yes, you read right. Katie Price has decided to lash out at Victoria Beckham about the way she parents her children.

Victoria recently gave an interview in Harper’s Bazaar US saying that she wakes up half an hour before her children, gets them ready for school and between taking them and picking them up she manages to fit in a full day of work.

And this is pretty much the same for most mums all over the world, right?

Well, Katie Price feels differently. She wrote about how she thinks that Posh isn’t being honest when it comes to her parenting skills.

Katie’s beef was that Posh didn’t mention whether or not she had help with her kids, in the form of nannies and chauffer’s.

Yes, Posh is a busy woman but is it really so unrealistic that she might actually look after her own children?

At least her children are all from the same father and have a stable family unit to work with, rather unlike Katie’s brood.

I’m not saying Katie is a bad mother, but her string of failed relationships can’t be having a positive effect on her children.

Katie is pregnant with another child to her new husband yet admits she already uses a nanny to help her with what she has already got.

Maybe it’s about time to stop having more children if you already need help with the ones that you’ve got?