Sexy Story A Secret Revealed Part 1

Sexy Story: Hugo – A Secret Revealed

It was snowing again, the heavy flakes almost completely obscured Hugo’s view as he watched them falling. A few flakes were blown onto the glass by the gusting wind sticking to the glass before sliding onto the window sill.

It was clear that they were snowed in leaving Hugo feeling as bleak as the weather, as a sense of being trappedovercame him.

Skye was naked and moving gracefully around his large bedroom. She had disrobed naughtily, like a burlesque dancer performing her teasing striptease. Skye always felt comfortable when naked in fact she revelled in the attention and power it brought her cast Hugo a mischievous look, tossing her hair to get the fell effect. She wandered round the bedroom lighting candles, their flickering light casting shadows across the soft curve of her stomach, her small breasts slightly bouncing as she moved. Her skin glowed a warm golden colour in the soft flickering light. Her long blonde hair almost glowed as the golden light played on her flowing curls, she was an artists dream.

The snow continued to fall outside and Hugo slipped into a trance forgetting his fears for a while allowing his mind to drift.So mesmerised by the falling flakes he didn’t notice Skye as she moved seductively around his bedroom. Any other man entranced by the vision inside rather than the snow outside but not Hugo.

Soon she would turn her full attention to Hugo and come to him wanting to have passionate sex, but for now the candles held her attention.

Hugo’s thoughts turned away from the snowy window and into the room, his gaze meandered around settling on a large oval glass bowl on a small black laquered cabinet. He used it to keep keys, credit cards, cufflinks his watch, and other odd items that had no home, but you might need to put your hands on quickly. As his gaze settled on this Skye scattered the bowls contents onto the polished table, sprinkling in what looked like a heap of pot pourri.

Then almost like a witch casting a spell she lit a match and set fire to the contents wafting out the flames with a hand. A curl of pale pink smoke headed up to the ceiling twisting and curling as the air moved around the bedroom slowly infuseding everywhere with a heady scent of musk and sweet herbs.
The fragrance reminded Hugo of a church mass and perfumed scents of incense that hung in the air as he slipped into the bed and lay naked beneath the feather duvet, his manhood persistently flaccid not at all aroused by Skye’s naked beauty. He closed his eyes. She put on some music; Bolero, by Ravel.

Hugo had unusual tastes and admitted to himself he was strange, interestingly he thought males like himself were repulsive yet he still followed his fantasies like an addiction. At times he felt the weight of destiny crushing him and he wondered if he would be able to cope feeling that there was something broken in him and he was unable to fix it.Why wasn’t he be like other men, Hugo often pondered the question.

The he would close his eyes and think himself into the place where his sexual desires could be reached. He was well practiced at conjuring up the Deity. The Woman, the Mistress, who knew exactly what Hugo needed. Now was no different his thoughts caused him to get aroused, he felt himself harden. The Mistress always wielded a whip, she’d tie him up, bind him so that the coarse ropes bit into his wrists and ankles. He’d never seen the Mistress’ face. She always wore a mask. But Hugo knew her eyes. Dark eyes, burning with lust and indignation. Hugo didn’t know her name. He did not dare ask.

Skye continued to light candles, she padded around on the polished wooden floor of his bedroom, then stopped to rummage in a drawer in the base of his wardrobe. Oh, that was where she’d found the candles; the pot pourri too. He remembered, his ex-wife raiding the shelves of the local hardware shop, buying all sorts of junk when it had closed down.

Skye placed some candles on the shelf of the wooden window seat. When she lit them he could see their flames reflected back in the dark glass.

He’d been seeing Skye for just over three weeks and so far he had avoided sex. He hated the effort, the mess, the disappointment. Oh, he always managed to perform, even to complete the process to seeming satisfaction, but it always left him feeling empty and resentful. Knowing that something was missing, it should have been better. The spark that something more.

But Hugo’s secret changed all that He had to strive to be normal, not to let his terrible needs overwhelm him. Besides, how would any decent woman react if he asked her to spank him, whip him until he was bruised and bloody? Abuse him with a dildo?

In his own mind Hugo could already see and feel the disapproval the disgust, the ridicule, the spiteful laughter when she told her friends. He imagined the scorn in Skye’s deep hazel eyes if he were to asked her to tie him up.

He turned his thoughts to the revulsion in his wife’s face when he’d begged her to push a finger in his anus when they made love; was it so much to ask? Apparently it had been.

Now thanks to the weather they were snow bound at least until the morning, it was inevitable that he and Skye would indulge in sex.he was trapped, he could prevaricate no longer.

Skye made no secret of that she was going to have sex with him, even from their first date. at the restaurant, where they had dined, she’d slipped off her killer stiletto shoe and laughingly reached her stockinged foot out beneath the small table. She’d trailed her foot between his legs, brushing his crotch as she wiggled her toes. She’d picked up his hand and sucked sweet sauce from his fingers.

On the drive home, she’d placed her hand on his crotch and stroked him to erection. The outside her home she’d unzipped him, marvelling and exclaiming at his size, rubbing her thumb over the weeping slit. She’d lowered her head and lapped at the head, playfully bouncing him from side to side with her cheek. She’d even got a little rough and burrowed beneath his cock, nipping at the delicate skin of his scrotum with sharp, white teeth.

The evening had ended with her taking his cock into her mouth, lovingly nuzzling and licking the moist head. She wiggled her tongue into the little slit. She had showed no squeamishness at sliding him into her throat. She had a trick of contracting her throat muscles, massaging the underside of his cock. When he exploded she took it into her mouth, gulping and swallowing. Sperm drooled from her lips; her small, pointed tongue licking up the drips as if she didn’t intend to waste a drop. It was an intensely erotic image for Hugo to hold in his mind. Her kiss afterwards had ravenous; she ravaged his mouth with her tongue and teeth, biting and plundering. Hugo tasted the heady cocktail of his seed mixed with her saliva.

Her sexual assertiveness had aroused him, but he knew that it was just a game; the next time she would want him to take the initiative. He’d been there before; he could write the script. It always ended with them wanting to know what he was thinking. He hated that.

The room glimmered in the flickering candlelight. He watched her through half closed eyes as she swayed to the rhythm of the music.