The spoof Christian Dior ad with Jennifer Lawrence which I want to be real

Jennifer Lawrence is a completely normal girl, who may have just won an Oscar at the age of 22.

But, anyway, time and time again on the red carpet she’s proved that she’s fun, has a sense of humour and is down-to-earth. 

Here at the FemaleFirst offices; We Love Her.

As you’ve most probably read everywhere now, she tripped up on the way to the stage to receive her Best Actress award, and we all were completely endeared to her.

Now this has been made by a Tumblr user.

7017c9b4-b9ac-4bed-bbca-10748c09a030_christian_dior_jennifer_lawrence1A spoof ad for Christian Dior – whom her dress for the evening was by.

Does anyone else but me want this to be used in all seriousness?

The ad says that normal girls, who are going to trip, fall over, maybe spill a drink down the dress, can wear Dior Haute Couture dresses.

It’s much more real than a size zero model trying to sell stiff clothes that don’t look comfortable to wear.

I for one wish I would see this ad next time I’m flicking through Elle, Vogue etc.