Men, get a Golden Wonder body for summer

Trunks feeling a little tight? Moobs making you miserable? Man up! We’re here to tell you how you can still lose the calories, without losing the Golden Wonder crisps this summer….

Whether you’re shopping for swim shorts, or following the Mrs around the mall ahead of the big holiday, you can still crunch on crisps whilst toning up.

Here are a few cheeky ways to keep that fat burning before you fly off…

For Big Guns: burns up to 100 calories

Go shopping! It may sound like the world’s worst activity, but pushing a shopping trolley around for half an hour can burn over 100 calories. Lugging heavy shopping bags home will also help to build up your biceps.

For Stacked Shoulders: burns up to 350 calories

Spending an hour in the attic searching for suitcases, carrying them around the airport, and packing and unpacking them could burn a massive 350 calories before you even get to your destination…awesome!

For Thick Thighs: burns up to 500 calories

Having a quick BBQ with your mates before you head off? Get the beers in son! Lifting crates for 30 minutes can help build up thigh, buttock and quad muscles and burn 500 calories due to the constant squatting action.

For Chiselled Abs: burns up to 600 calories

In the park and getting in some sneaky rays before you go? Watch out for those good lookin’ girls. If you sit up every time to take a look, you’ll be on your way to a stomach that even Peter Andre would envy…(just don’t let the Mrs catch you!)

So go on, munch on, and work that summer strut…

  • You’re Wrong

    No. This entire entry is just blasphemy and inaccurate.

  • Marina Casas

    If you want to have an amazing body better start exercising on a waining moon(between a full moon and a new moon) so the results will be excelent. 😀 My astrologer advised me to start a diet and exercise and the results were visible after 1 week so guys you should try it. 😀