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While We’re Young Trailer & Poster

While We’re Young marks the return of Ben Stiller to the big screen as he reunites with director Noah Baumbach.

The pair worked together for the first with Greenberg back in 2010, but this is the first film for Baumbach since Frances Ha in 2013.

Stiller is joined by a terrific cast, as Naomi Watts, Amanda Seyfried, and Adam Driver are also set to star in the new film.

The brand new trailer for the film has been released and we have it for you to take a look at:

While Were Young Poster 2

While We’re Young is an openly funny cross-generational comedy of manners about aging, ambition, and success, as well as a moving portrait of a marriage tested by the invading forces of youth.

Stiller and Watts are Josh and Cornelia Srebnick, happily married middle-aged members of New York’s creative class. Josh labours over the umpteenth edit of his cerebral new film, it’s clear that he has hit a dry patch and that something is still missing.

Enter Jamie and Darby (Driver and Seyfried) a free-spirited young cou¬ple, who are spontaneous and untethered, ready to drop everything in pursuit of their next passion. For Josh, it’s as if a door has opened back to his youth… or a youth he wishes he once had.

It’s not long before the restless forty-somethings, Josh and Cornelia, throw aside friends their own age to trail after these young hipsters who seem so plugged in, so uninhibited, so Brooklyn cool.

While We’re Young is released April 3rd.

Latest Unfinished Business Clip

There are only a handful of days before Unfinished Business is set to hit the big screen and a brand new clip for the film has been released.

Unfinished Business sees Ken Scott back in the director’s chair as he reunites with Vince Vaughn for the first time since Delivery Man last year.

Vaughn is joined by Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco, Sienna Miller, Nick Frost, and James Marsden.

Unfinished Business follows a hard-working small business owner (Vaughn) and his two associates (Wilkinson & Franco) travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives.

But what began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every imaginable – and unimaginable – way, including unplanned stops at a massive sex fetish event and a global economic summit.

Unfinished Business is released 6th March.

The Duff Trailer & Poster

Mae Whitman is an actress who is steadily on the rise, and she is back on the big screen at the beginning of April with new comedy movie The Duff.

The Duff sees Whitman team up with director Ari Sandel, as he makes his feature film directorial debut with this project. Sandel is best known for his work on TV series Aim High and is now making the transition on to the big screen.

The brand new trailer for the film has arrived – check it out:

The Duff Quad

Every school has their labels and the classics still exist. But what happens when you discover that your friends, your fellow students and practically everyone you know have you labelled as… The Duff?

Bianca Piper (Whitman) is a smart, pretty high school girl with a great personality. Cynical, funny, clever, she sees herself the way she presumes others view her. But when the school’s ‘man-whore’ Wesley (Robbie Amell), unceremoniously tells her she’s his favourite DUFF – the Designated Ugly Fat Friend – her life is shattered and she feels ridiculously undesirable.

To save her senior year from turning into a total disaster Bianca sets out to reinvent herself and revolutionise the school’s pecking order from the inside out by enlisting Wesley’s help, much to the annoyance of ruthless Queen Bee and Mean Girl, Madison (Bella Thorne).

With some inspiring words from her unconventional teacher (Ken Jeong) and a 5-stage survival plan from her self-help guru mother (Allison Janney) – she finds the confidence and the courage to remind her classmates that only you can define yourself and we’re all someone’s DUFF.

The Duff is released 6th April.

Top Five New Poster

Chris Rock is set to return to the big screen this May with his new comedy movie Top Five.

The movie sees Rock star in the film as well as write and direct the project – this will be the third feature film for Rock in the director’s chair and comes after Head of State and I Think I Love My Wife.

The brand new poster for the film has been released and we have it for you to take a look at:

Top Five New Poster copy

Rock takes on the central role of Andre Allen in the film, and is joined on the cast list by Rosario Dawson, J.B Smoove, Gabrielle Union, and Cedric The Entertainer.

Pulsing with the rhythm of his greatest stand-up, Chris Rock’s Top Five takes things to the next level, revelling in the high and the low, and blending a star-studded comedic romp with an irresistible romance.

Top Five digs under the surface of show business, politics, rap, and the exigencies of being black and famous today – holding it all up to the light in the way only Chris Rock can.

Mingling echoes of Woody Allen and Dick Gregory with the energy of Kanye West and Jay Z, TOP FIVE is an original and radically new kind of American movie.

Top Five is released 8th May.

Dark Horse Trailer

Dark Horse is a documentary not to miss this April as Louise Osmond returns to the director’s chair.

Osmond is no stranger to this genre of film with a whole host of TV and movie documentaries under her belt. However, this is her first big screen feature since Six Million Dollar Conman back in 2012.

A brand new trailer for the film has been revealed and we have it for you to take a look at:

Dark Horse tells the larger than life true story of how a barmaid in a former mining village in South Wales bred a racehorse, Dream Alliance, on her allotment that went on to become a champion.

Jan had successfully bred dogs and birds and believed she could do the same with a different animal – though she knew nothing about racing and had never been on a horse.

Convincing a handful of locals to part with £10 a week for her scheme, she found a thoroughbred mare with a terrible racing record for £300, a stallion past his best, put them together and – against all the odds – bred a winner.

An inspirational and life affirming true story, Dark Horse: The Incredible True Story Of Dream Alliance won the Audience Award in the World Cinema Documentary Competition at the Sundance Film Festival this year.

Dark Horse is released 17th April.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ‘Blossoming Relationships’ Featurette

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is set to hit the big screen tomorrow and is a British movie that you cannot miss this weekend.

The first film was a rather unexpected triumph back in 2012, and Judi Dench, Maggie Smith and co are back with John Madden in the director’s chair.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel picks up where the first movie left off and sees Evelyn & Douglas and Norman & Carol trying to figure out what their relationships is, while Sonny and Sunaina are on the brink of marriage.

This movie is about characters, relationships and emotions just life the first film, and the cast talk about that in this brand new featurette:

An all star cast has been assembled for the film, as Dench and Smith are joined by Bill Nighy, Dev Patel, Penelope Wilton, Celia Imrie, Tina Desai, Diana Hardcastle, and Ronald Pickup.

However, there are some new faces on the cast list, as Richard Gere, Tamsin Greig, and David Strathairn are also on board.

Now that The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is full up with its long-term residents, co-managers Muriel Donnelly (Smith) and Sonny Kapoor (Patel) have a dream of expansion, and they’ve found just the place: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

With plans underway, Evelyn and Douglas (Dench and Nighy) venture into the Jaipur workforce, wondering where their regular breakfast dates will lead. Meanwhile, Norman and Carol (Pickup and Hardcastle) navigate the swirling waters of an exclusive relationship, as Madge (Imrie) juggles two very eligible suitors, and recent arrival Guy Chambers (Gere) finds a muse in Sonny’s mother, Mrs Kapoor (Lillete Dubey) for his next novel.

As his marriage to Sunaina (Desai), the love of his life, quickly approaches, Sonny finds his plans for the new hotel making more claims on his time than he has available.

Perhaps the only one who may know the answers is Muriel, the keeper of everyone’s secrets. As the big day nears, family and guests alike find themselves swept up in the irresistible intoxication of an Indian wedding.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is released 26th February.

More Project Almanac Clips

Project Almanac opened inside the top ten at the UK box office this weekend and is the latest sci-fi film to hit the big screen.

Project Almanac marks the feature film directorial debut of Dean Israelite, and sees Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Sam Lerner, Allen Evangelista, and Ginny Gardner all star.

If you have not had chance to see the film yet, we have a trio of great new clips to whet your appetite:

Project Almanac follows a brilliant high school student and his friends uncover blueprints for a mysterious device with limitless potential, inadvertently putting lives in danger.

Project Almanac is out now.

Dior And I Trailer

2015 is set to be another terrific year if your are a fan of documentary film – we have had a couple of great ones already – and Dior and I is another one to watch out for.

Dior and I sees Frederic Tcheng return to the director’s chair – this is the second documentary feature of his career but his first as the solo director: he made his debut as co-director of Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel in 2011.

The brand new trailer for the film has arrived and we have it for you to take a look at:

Dior and I brings the viewer inside the storied world of the Christian Dior fashion house with a privileged, behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection as its new artistic director – a true labour of love created by a dedicated group of collaborators.

Melding the everyday, pressure-filled components of fashion with mysterious echoes from the iconic brand’s past, the film is also a colourful homage to the seamstresses who serve Simons’ vision.

Dior And I is released 27th March.

Love Is Strange Alternative Poster

Love Is Strange hit the big screen earlier this month and has been met with rave reviews by the critics and audiences. The movie has been the toast of the festival circuit since it premiered at Sundance in 2014, and sees Ira Sachs back in the director’s chair.

Sachs has been behind films such as Married Life and Forty Shades of Blue, but Love is Strange is his first movie since Keep The Lights on back in 2012 – a movie that was also a festival.

The movie sees John Lithgow and Alfred Molina come together in the central roles of Ben and George and deliver some of the best work of their career. The two actors also feature in this new and alternative poster for the film. Check it out:

Love Is Strange Alternative Poster

After nearly four decades together, Ben (Lithgow) and George (Molina) finally tie the knot in an idyllic wedding ceremony in lower Manhattan. But when George loses his job soon after, the couple must sell their apartment and – victims of the relentless New York City real estate market – temporarily live apart until they can find an affordable new home.

While George moves in with two cops (Jackson and Manny Perez) who live down stairs, Ben lands in Brooklyn with his nephew (Darren Burrows), his wife (Tomei), and their temperamental teenage son (Charlie Tahan), with whom Ben shares a bedroom. While struggling with the pain of separation, Ben and George are further challenged by the intergenerational tensions and capricious family dynamics of their new living arrangements.

Love Is Strange is out now.