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Big Brother 11 : Meet The Housemates

Big Brother has opened its doors for the final time to welcome in the housemates for the eleventh and final series of Big Brother. Whilst we’re going to be getting you their full profiles up on the TV section of FemaleFirst over the course of the morning, we thought we’d give you a lowdown on each of the inmates to keep you going with your morning cuppa.


CAOIMHE (pronounced Kee-va)
Age: 22
From: Dublin
Occupation: Student

This feisty colleen describes her self as a fag hag but still lives at home with her mum and dad. She believes that cooking and cleaning are beneath her and is desperate to leave home and the suburbs so that she can go out on the lash more.

Age: 25
From: Bristol
Occupation: Financial Sales Rep

Country girl Josie may just set the house alight with fun and laughter with her big personality and wicked tales of mischief. A celebrity of her own making in her home village, she says everyone there knows and loves her.

Age: 29
From: Stockport
Occupation: Retail

Glamorous motor mouth Corin is often mistaken for Jordan thanks to her resemblance to the star, and her own 30G (real) boobs. Her dream job would be a PA for a famous celebrity.

IFE (pronounced Iffy)
Age: 25
From: Milton Keynes
Occupation: Professional Dancer

Professional dancer Ife has had a taste of fame as one of Cheryl Cole’s backing dancers and also dreams of singing stardom. A backing vocalist on the The X Factor she is hungry for a career as a singer.

Age: 23
From: Nottingham
Occupation: Hair stylist / professional Beyonce look-a-like

Stunning Beyonce look-a-like Rachael hates that people judge her because of her looks, but admits she still checks herself out in the mirror up to 100 times a day to ‘check I’m still hot.’

Age: 24
From: London
Occupation: Film maker

Former child actor turned rebel girl Shabby (real name Keeley) describes herself as ‘a walking contradiction with a love of poetry and giant boobs’. A squatter, Shabby lives in a squat in a Victorian house in south London.

Age: 24
From: Peterborough
Occupation: Medical Student

Beauty and brains collide in medical student Yvette, aka Sunshine. With one year left of her medical degree she has taken a year out to study medical journalism in London.


Age: 39
From: Pontypool, Wales
Occupation: Minister

This ex-postman/ex-pest controller is now a Christian Minister who lives at home with his wife of 17 years along with his four kids, three dogs, six chickens and lots of rabbits. David recently organised an extreme religious event on Barry Island called Sloshfest which attracted hundreds of people from around the globe.

Age: 30
From: London
Occupation: Writer and Broadcaster

Tory boy Benjamin has already had a taste of fame starring on American Princess and Ladette to Lady…in fact he admits he’d do anything to avoid the standard nine to five job. He currently spends his time taking extra roles for TV and has written diary pieces for the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph.

Age: 25
From: Bingley, Yorkshire
Occupation: Trainee Joiner

This jack the lad, rugby player claims to be Yorkshire’s answer to Liam Gallagher and likes to be the life and soul of the party…but still lives at home with his grandparents.

Age: 21
From: Leicester
Occupation: Voluntary worker

Energetic, bi-sexual Govan claims to be a likeable and intelligent guy who flits his home time between Leicester and London.

Age: 24
From: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Retired vehicle body builder

24 year old John still lives at home with his mum but has his own independence after his dad built him his own granny flat. John hasn’t worked since his father was killed in an industrial accident and he inherited some money.

Age: 40
Location: Leicester
Occupation: Ex HM Forces

This straightforward ex-serviceman amputee spends his time fighting for the causes he believes in. He currently lives in Leicester with his second wife of 14 years and has eight children.


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Karly Ashworth : Big Brother Is Back!

It is officially time for our summer to start ladies and gentlemen… Big Brother 11 is here! I can honestly say I am that excited I could actually wee my pants!

The Big Brother producers have really gone all out this year to make it the best BB ever, especially since the 2009 recession left (my) Big Brother house filled with uncomfortable seating, boxes and a tiny garden. That place seem so inferior now looking at that these new housemates will be getting to hang around in for the summer. With a swish open plan living area, HUGE garden and gorgeous décor this really is going to be just AMAZING!

Around 80 housemates are sat around, twiddling their thumbs as they nervously await their fate on tonight’s Big Brother Launch show, and I can tell you know, that waiting around! I mean, even when you know you’re a housemate, is one of nerves and excitement and then a little bit more nerves!

To ensure this final series of the fly on the wall show goes out with a bang, the producers have some twists and tricks up their sleeves with a chance for ex BB housemates to battle it out to become the ultimate housemate! The public will be able to vote for the ex housemates they want back in, so if you want to see this feisty Scottish lass back in then get me back in there! All details are on the official Channel 4 website!

I am so grateful and happy I got to be a part of this FABULOUS TV show, it really was the best experience of my life, so a huge thank you to all (especially the producers who picked me!) and I cannot wait for it all to start again this year! BRING.IT.ON!!


Get me on my official twitter.… twitter.com/mskarlyashworth

Oh Look, It’s Pictures From The BB11 House…

Big Brother 11 is due to start tonight, and we’re already like kids at Christmas, ripping into our presents before we’re actually allowed to do so, and obviously that means sneaking a peek at the inside of the new BB house.

We’ve already had a look at 60 of the potential housemates today (and to be honest, none of them really float our boats) but the house does look rather interesting, so much so that our eyes hurt a little bit trying to understand it.

Looking at these pictures is kinda like showing a kid an adventure playground and not letting them in, it’s annoying me that I cant run around in there and create mischief, it all looks so nice and shiny, not like some of the old sets.

The entrance in and out of the house is the sleekest I’ve ever seen it look, and reincorporating the living room into the main house is another great idea of BB’s, I never did like it being all the way across the garden.

The bedroom looks rather menacing with it’s scary clown bedding and wallpaper, and those beds do look a little bit short for the average person – unless the want to sleep with their heads upright against those daft diagonal headboards.

The kitchen and dining room don’t really look anything too spectacular, but the bathroom I am a big fan of… it looks like something out of a spa – well except for the glass walls everywhere – you wouldn’t be wanting to get butt naked there would you?

Speaking of glass, it looks as though pretty much all of the interior walls are made of glass – surely there must be one of two hidden passages and things lurking around? Big Brother wouldn’t be Big Brother without a few surprises up his sleeve now would he?

Finally, the garden is just another haven of tranquillity, topped off by something called ‘the nest’ which looks likely to give housemates somewhere cosy to go and snuggle / bitch / cry to their hearts content.

Wow, I’m so excited already.