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Is It Just Me Or Do N-Dubz Need To Get Over Themselves?

After writing a news story this morning about how ‘furious’ N-Dubz were after only receiving one nomination at next month’s Brit awards bash (read it here) I have to say, I would like to inform the band that they need to GET OVER IT.

Okay, so they make good songs (and Dappy has brought those daft hats back into fashion) but seriously, so what if you’ve only got one nomination? You should be proud that the Brit bigwigs give a big enough sh*t about you to even put you forward… especially as none of your hits have been as big as your over-inflated egos.

What’s worse for the band -but quite funny for us – is that they’re not even nominated for their own song, but for their collaboration with Tinchy Stryder! Haha, brilliant.

Big-headed Tulisa says, “It was a bit of a cheap cop-out really because it’s a ‘featuring’ song – it’s not actually our song. Sometimes I think (organisers) defeat the object of the Brits – the British awards. They’ve got a lot of American acts coming through, and acts like us who’ve worked ten years and finally done something for the urban part of the music industry, they just ignore us, and you have all the Lady GaGas on stage.”

Err, number one Tulisa, it’s not a ‘cop out’ – it’s just they reckon there are other bands out there better than you. And secondly; “you have all the Lady GaGas on stage”? Err, hello, there’s only ONE Lady GaGa, but about a million pop/rap groups wearing knock off bling.

So deal with it, aiiight?

Ruth. x

Big Brother: Who Are You Voting For Tonight?

Before we all get super excited that there are five portions of fresh meat going into the Big Brother house tonight, we must first of all deal with the fact that we need to get one of the existing housemate out on their ear.

Up for the chop this week are Karly, Sophie, Siavash and Noirin, and without a shadow of a doubt, I’m gunning for Noirin to get the boot.

Now don’t get me wrong, I liked her at first, but for some reason, I think that although she sometimes acts like she doesn’t like all the guys lusting after her, she encourages it and thinks it the best way to ensure she doesn’t get nominated… looks like that’s not working.

From what I’ve seen on the C4 shows though, Noirin does seem to be playing a very tactical game, and tries to use she looks, which I think aren’t a patch on Sophie or Karly’s, to play the housemates.

She seems a bit two faced to me, whereas Karly is one of the most honest people in there, and Siavash put himself up for eviction to make a point that Noirin was playing a game and had stabbed him in the back by being a little bunny rabbit and running to tell tales.

And Sophie…. Well you can’t really say anything bad about her can you? She’s just so sweet and innocent that even though she might not be a ‘crazy’ housemate, she deserves to stay in purely based on the fact she’s just so sweet.