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Music & Tattoos: A Match Made In Heaven?

Kat Von D has made tattoos one of the most sought after accessories for any woman wanting to bag herself a rock star boyshape during her time on LA Ink, but is it essential these days for rock stars to be inked?

Whilst many band frontmen are etched in colour from head to foot, it’s only recently that women have started following suit, with Kat Von D proving that you can be beautiful, cool and tattooed, without looking like a tramp.

I mean, I’ve got to admit, I’ve got a couple of designs, and my ‘type’ of guy is usually one with a long ‘emo’ haircut, musical instrument and lots of tattoos, but as rock music becomes more fashionable, is body art becoming an essential accessory?

Let’s face it, when Funeral For A Friend were in their heyday, you couldn’t even be considered a fan without black skinny fit jeans and a can of hairspray on your head and now that screamo / metal / hardcore bands (or whatever label they fancy this week) are finding prominence, are the singers trying to out-ink each other?

Take Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes or legendary drummer Travis Barker for example, they have more designs on their bodies than a child’s colouring book, and as kids admire these guys, they think the ink will make them like their heroes.

What’s more, now that so many music fans get band logos, lyrics or other tributes to their idols permanently added to their skin it’s even caused the band,  69 Eyes  to pay homage to ‘dedicated’ fans in their “Dead Girls Are Easy” video, which features a number of people with the symbol tattooed for all to see.

But do you think these kids will grow up to regret getting tattoos just for show, rather than having one that really means something to them? I mean, I see so many people walking around with dolphins on their shoulder as that was the ‘in’ thing back in the nineties.

After debating this with my friend, he said to me; “So what if you regret it when you’re old, you love it now and you will enjoy looking at it for more years than you will dislike it… so do it!”

Better book in for a full sleeve then… or just find a nice boy with one that I can look at on a day-to-day basis!

Ruth xx