According to reports a Bollywood actress is implicated in a sex ring acting in movies like Devdas and Pinjar.The 20-year-old un-named actress, from Mehrauli in south Delhi was apparently arrested Wednesday along with an associate, apparently a well-known Delhi-based prostitute to the stars.The two women allegedly was employed by Abha, based in Lajpat Nagar. Abha has since disappeared amongst rumours that she assisted a police a decoy during events prior to the arrests, after agreeing an immunity from prosecution deal with the police. The undercover operation saw police masquerading as a businessman attempting to purchase the services of two women. When they met them at the spot, the actress was allegedly said she charged Rs 15,000 while her associate Rs 5,000. The two were immediately arrested and taken to a police station after they accepted a large deposit according to police sources. The actress is said to have acted in many well known movie releases as well as making numerous tv appearances and several music videos. The actress based in Mumbai, told police she came to Delhi on a regular basis to provide these services as in Delhi, unlike Mumbai, she could remain annymous.This is not the first case of a Bollywood actresses name has cropping up in prostitution scandals with the recent implication of three Bollywood female stars in a prostitution ring.