The stunning Genelia D'Souza

The stunning Genelia D'Souza

Genelia D'Souza has an exclusive chat with Female First about her new movie, what is was like to work with the eye candy that is John Abraham and will she be adding Hollywood to that long list of film industries...

'Force' is a action-thriller-love story where lead John Abraham plays the role of a renegade cop ACP Yashvardhan, who is in rentless pursuit of a ruthless, underworld gangster. He believes that the only way to eradicate crime is to give crimnals the bullet and not hand cuffs. Genelia D'Souza plays the role of his love interest, Maya. 

Genelia tells us a bit about her character: "Maya is someone who is extremely truthful for starters, she tends to blabber a lot but everything that she says has a lot of weight and means a lot."

24-year-old Genelia who is known for her 'cute and bubbly girl' roles said Maya is a character she got to experiment with: "Playing Maya was fabulous because for me, it was someone who isn't just cute and it was interesting playing Maya because she was someone i got a chance to experiment with in terms of not just being cute, but more intense." She said.

We all know John is a hunk but this hunk just got hunkier as he worked out hard to gain a eight-pack physique for his role! Genelia said: "He is an amazing fitness freak and he is very good at what he does, he eats correctly and looks after himself. He doesn't get obsessive about working out but he knows it's an investment in oneself to work out, so that's interesting."

Genelia who has worked with John before on ad campagins said: "It was great working with John, it was a lot of fun. John and me got along from day one so it made things easier. The beauty of the two characters in the film as well, is that they have a strange chemistry that strikes them as soon as they meet, so you know, when John and me met we got along instantly. We both come from humble beginnings, we both aren't from film families we both struggled our way up so it's a very interesting rapport to have with someone, and we're both grounded which makes life all the more easier you know."

In regards to her own gym regime apparently she doesn't really have one! She said: "I'll be honest with you i'm not too much of a work out person. But having worked with John i mean he would drive you peanuts to join the gym and he would tell you things about the gym. So i did try working out for a month, but i eat very correctly anyway, i eat a lot of home food and i just think i'm very lucky i would say."

Lucky is one way to describe Genelia and i'm not just talking bodywise. This actress isn't just a star in Bollywood but has also appeared in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam language films. Her several commercially successful movies in Telugu and Tamil, have lead Genelia to be established as one of the leading actresses of the South Indian film industry! Genelia who is loving experimenting in the different industries said: "You know i've already established myself over there so it is nice that i get to experiment. I get different roles in Bollywood as well. I just think that i'm the only actress that is part of five industries and for me that's a feather in my cap, i'm very content with what i do. I wouldn't ever chose either, i would chose the better script."

Sooo... Is Hollywood next on Genelia's agenda? The actress laughs and says: "For me it's the script and my role that matters. Of course i would love to work in Hollywood but i'm very content in Indian cinema right now and i think i have a long way to go and a lot to learn before i step into a bigger cinema."

Genelia's message to her fans reading this is, on why they should go watch her new movie: "Force is extremely commercial as well as extremely real and i don't think it is very easy to get that combination with every film that we see, it's the perfect blend. So please go and see Force, and enjoy the love story because it is something very pure and beautiful and a mature love story."

'Force' will be releasing on the 30th of September 2011.

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