SuperHeavy - A band like no other

SuperHeavy - A band like no other

New rock group 'SuperHeavy' are gearing up to release their second single together. Consisting of Mick Jagger, AR Rahman, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart and Damian Marley. With their second single being sung in Sanskrit, this band have brought different musical styles together in a form of convergence.

Speaking to Daily News and Analysis about their second single 'Satyameva Jayate,' Mick said: "It was great working with AR and crooning in Sanskrit. We just went with the flow and did it.”

Speaking about the music maestro himself he said: "My experience with AR was great; he is a very sweet person, super musical and has added a completely different dimension to the record.”

Talking about the other band memebers Mick said: "Dave always makes me finish what I’ve started which is not always what I do when I’m left on my own, Joss brings the female voice, obviously, and the English soul thing. I’ve worked with her before, hence knew her capabilities and that she was very easy to work with, and Damian has brought with him a rhythm section consisting of bassist."

'SuperHeavy's' first album is out now.

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