Feminist Ryan Gosling

Feminist Ryan Gosling

What can you tell our readers about your new book Feminist Ryan Gosling?

The book is based on the website, but it is mostly new material. It still follows the same format, but there are many more pop cultural references.

When did Ryan Gosling first come onto your radar?

I've been aware of him for some time; I really enjoy quite a few of his films, and think he's a great actor.

How did the idea for the blog come about?

I was a bit frustrated with my graduate program; some friends and I were talking about ways to remember and engage with different theorists in a way that made sense. I naturally gravitated towards the humorous, and wanted to make our course of study fun. I decided to place some of the dense text we were studying next to Ryan Gosling's face, based on a meme.

What is the appeal of Ryan Gosling for you?

I think he is very smart and social engaged; he seems to stand by his convictions and just seems like a very nice guy.

Your blog now receives more than 3 million page views per month, how did this make you feel as a new blogger?

I've been blogging for almost ten years personally, but I never expected this particular site to become popular. It was meant as a study tool for my friends and I, so to have this many views is surprising but fun.

Do you feel your blog has gained a new interest in feminism?

Not a new interest in feminism, but certainly a different way to discuss it.

You launched it in October 2011, so how quickly did it all catch on?

The blog was mentioned on popular news sites the very next day after I created it. It was literally an overnight success.

Why are gender and women's studies so important to you?

I feel that women are still greatly undervalued and politically unsupported. It is ridiculous to me that we are still having the same discussions about personal rights and issues of access that our grandmothers were also discussing.

What is next for you?

I am applying to Ph.D. programs in the hopes of becoming a professor. And, of course, continuing to finding fun ways to engage with feminism.

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