Finding a home, a place, a community that makes you feel safe and comfortable isn’t always easy. The experiences from our pasts can help or hinder where we find that place of belonging.

Pack Community

Pack Community

I’ve been in the same home for almost twenty years now.

It was what I wanted when I started my own family. If my daughter ever left home she’d always have a place to return, her home, and her family. Being raised by a single father helped make me into the woman I am today. Something, in my opinion, my dad did a wonderful job at. With his support I’ve been able to raise my own child, along with my husband, where we’re all comfortable and happy.

That’s where the idea of Pack Community: Were Chronicles book 5 came from.

Sometimes the people that become our family might not be made of blood but the bond is just as strong.

In Pack Community our main character Gray Mason finds a home when he didn’t even know he was searching for one.

This book is full of mystery, adventure, and romance. I am proud to be able to share this story that really touches my heart. Inside Pack Community, I share parts of my own experiences. We have the support of a strong loving brother, an adorable nephew, and friends who’d die for each other.

Also this is the first book where we see another shifter other than the wolves. A whole bunch of others, bobcats, hawks, felines, and more!

Pack Community Blurb-

A wolf and bobcat come together and change one community—forever.

Gray Mason is worn out and run down from the long months on the road in search of the feline Prince. All he wants is to finish his mission and go back to his Pack, until he finds himself in the most unique little town and meets the one woman who will turn his world upside down.

Beth Williams is happy in her town Coyote Bluff. The community of shifters support one another and she has her brother and nephew. Sure, sometimes she might get lonely, but she’s content with her life. That is, until a new wolf hits town.

But there is more going on than just the attraction between the wolf and the bobcat.

Gray’s search is taking him closer to finding the Prince but leading him right into the middle of a feline conspiracy and battle. Beth’s family is deeply entwined with his mission and Gray has some serious decisions to make.

Gray’s depended on his Pack as much as they have on him. In a strange place, surrounded by other shifter species, Gray is going to have to figure out who he can trust, and fast, because trouble is coming down the canyon and doesn’t care who’s in the way.

Reader Advisory: This book contains fight scenes in shifted form.

Doesn’t that sound like fun! If you think so I hope you’ll consider making Pack Community one of your next reads. Like I said, this story means a lot to me. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Author Bio-

Bestselling Paranormal Romance and Fantasy author Crissy Smith writes three award winning series along with stand alone novels for Totally Bound Publishing. Each story includes a strong alpha male with a feisty female that keeps him on his toes. Her stories are filled with mystery, intrigue, and a steaming romance that sets the pages on fire.

Crissy lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and three Labrador retrievers. By day you’ll find her buried under a mountain of paperwork to pay the bills but at night the worlds she creates open up. A long time fan of paranormal romance Crissy is dedicated to keeping the genre alive. She loves all things magic, shifter, and vampire. But don’t ask her about ghosts. There are some things that even she doesn’t want to know too much about.

To find more about Crissy; visit her website or friend her on social media. Crissy loves to connect to her readers and has already traveled to meet many in person. Although she’d love to connect with even more.


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