I am an early riser. Before even the sun comes up, I greet each day with an attitude of gratitude. In the quiet of the morning, I list five things for which I am most grateful. My list isn’t anything profound, I once noted the music of the songbird outside my window and another time it was my excitement for a new knitting project, but I have discovered that counting my blessings sets my day off on a positive note. 

Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber

I take a pause to thank God for today and all that it will hold, instead of worrying about my to-do list. This helps me to remember how very blessed I am. I then take a moment to read the next passage in my bible. Every year I read it from cover to cover. And now that I am a grandmother, I choose one grandchild each year and fill a special bible with notes just for them.

After my reflection, I dive straight for the pool. Most mornings I swim a half mile before I head into the office. Once there, it is my joy to open all of my reader mail. From handwritten notes and guest book entries to emails and social media comments, I read it all. I delight in my readers and enjoy hearing from them, so I do try to reply when appropriate.

Then I look at my daily checklist. I’m great at making lists and each month I set a series of goals for myself. They usually involve my work, I commit to writing a certain number of pages each day and will not leave the office until that goal has been met. What people may not know is that writing takes determination and discipline. I love every aspect of storytelling, from the first idea to the final galley stage, but the most challenging thing for me is protecting my writing time. We all have so many demands on our time, and I know I have to fiercely protect the hours I set aside to write. So each week I make one day an “appointment day.” It’s then that I take care of necessities like doctor’s visits or haircuts, this way I can be sure my focus stays otherwise on my writing.

And after work, I have the chance to explore my other passions. I first go to the heart of my home, the kitchen, where I enjoy the simple pleasure of creating a beautiful meal for my husband and myself. I adore cooking and I enjoy trying new recipes, especially if they are as healthy as they are delicious! This year I am so thrilled to include some of my favorites in my latest cookbook out next spring.

Before bed, I take a moment to relax with my husband. We cozy up on the couch, me with my knitting and him with his feet up. To me, knitting feels like an extension of our thoughts and our blessings. It allows me to decompress while processing the day’s details, I weave the moments of my day together, stitching memories forever into my mind.