Brian Fitzpatrick, author of Find a Better Life and Happiness Specialist

Find a Better Life

Find a Better Life


No 10. Choices

Choices play a major part in how we live our lives.

But they succumb to forces that we ought to scrutinise.

Styles and stereotyping, superficial surface charms,

Packaging over substance, should be ringing our alarms.

No 9. Habits

Where we are and where we go, what we see and do,

Living lives in autopilot rarely changing views,

Makes things narrow and confining, how do we break through?

Spot our habits, realign them, see each day anew.

No 8. Moods

Some days we could change the world, but some days we can't move.

These are clues to workings in us that we should review.

What dejects or motivates us, is everyone like this?

Of course we are, in our own ways, a trait we shouldn't miss.

No 7. Psychology

People vary as we know and change from time to time.

Enjoy observing how YOU are, and learn what lies behind.

No 6. Insecurities

Fear can come in many forms, a master of disguise.

Forcing us to cling and worry, toil and dramatise.

Digging deeper than you think to very early years

Can bring to light the hidden cause of many modern fears.

When we recognise their source lies mainly in the past,

We can shake those shackles off and soon be free… at last!

No 5. Influences

People had a hold on you when you were very young.

So you took their words to heart and some of them were wrong.

Now we're in a different time where many things have changed,

No one has a hold on you but those old words remain.

In an ever-changing world we struggle to apply

Words that came from long ago and times that have gone by.

So as you pass on wisdom try to set your youngsters free

By giving them the sense to question what you aimed to be.

No 4. Calm

Modern living causes us to miss important stuff.

Cramming in even more when we have enough.

Stop to look around you as you breathe and feel the air.

Can you taste the flavour of a life without a care?

Switching off and winding down can help to make things clear.

Take a break and stop allowing haste to cost you dear.

Sit with nothing going on and watch your whirring mind.

It will take you by surprise how much unrest you'll find.

No 3. Growing Up

Self-interest and self-absorption are all on the rise.

Seeing these as traits of children could be very wise.

Moving on to bigger views that show our proper place,

Might help us to find direction and a better pace.

No 2. Love

You could say it lies inside us waiting to be free.

Find the fear that holds it back and this will help you see.

It's not needy or romantic, it's practical as can be,

Bringing out our best at every opportunity.

If you think this means more giving, you might come unstuck.

'Love's' a kind of understanding how things 'ought' to work.

Helping folk to help themselves is one fine place to start.

You will know the way to go by blending head with heart.

No 1. People

When you only watch the world through other peoples eyes,

You will be a slave to all they want and criticise.

Time to see that everyone is merely human too.

Many methods and ideas might not be right for you.

Life's a big adventure that we tackle on our own.

If you keep an open mind it just might guide you 'home'.

Easy on the pressure, you can't force things to unfold.

When you feel the 'glow' inside you'll know that you've struck 'gold'.