Amanda’s own column 'Remedies in the Pantry' was in Health Options Magazine for 3 years.  Plus she's been freelance journalist for other magazines and written music, produced a musical, resulting in two different CD's like Celeste Music. Today she tells us about the benefits of a eating fresh diet- which includes cleansing the intestine and liver,  releasing toxins from the body and assisting in weight loss as well as what made her switch to cleaner eating in the first place. 

Amanda J Sloan

Amanda J Sloan

-          I care about animal rights and decent treatment of animals.

-          I know that meat/meat fat is not good for many parts of the body i.e. intestines and arteries.

-          My boyfriend at the time (who inspired my first vegan cook-book), was vegan/pescatarian and my friends were too.

-          My son had dairy allergies and was getting eczema so I wanted to find create recipes he would eat.

-          I really like veggies, nuts, lentils, fruit, beans and pulses.

-          Sugar was giving me itchy rashes and other conditions.

-          I had another health condition, that after much research, was recommended to cut out all sugar/dairy/meat etc (aside from high omega foods).

-          There are so many additives in prepared products, that this diet, also recommended eating completely fresh foods.  And to take all these foods out ie eliminating any preservatives.

-          It wanted to detox my liver and after a while, I felt so much better.

-          I lost weight, which was not the goal, though it's great.  And continuing on this diet, is good for my skin and health.

'Fresh Cuisine Recipe Book' was inspired by several reasons.  Mostly through a change in diet for health reasons.  To do so, can be such a challenge so Amanda has created a tool to help and inspire others, needing to make these changes.  The book is built on her already existing vegan and vegetarian cookbook, also after having many requests for gluten and sugar free recipes.

The recipes are healthy, with a balance of ingredients and can still be as tasty, if not more so than other less healthy foods.  Nutritional needs are important; here are plenty of recipes using protein rich foods.  This book is great for vegetarians, vegans and those wanting sugar and gluten free foods.  Great for any health conscious people and a healthy pantry.

This gluten, sugar free and vegan cookbook, has many tasty recipes.  These are unique, being sweetened using fresh fruits, nuts and spices.  They are delicious, have good results and are easy, practical to make.  A real selection and variety is included, suiting different tastes.

Many health conditions can be improved by eliminating these foods.  Most naturopaths will recommend using fresh whole foods only.  Using fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and pulses etc.  So this book only contains fresh, natural food, essential for good health.

While detoxing the body, these recipes are suitable for most diets and are used to increase health.  The recipes use fresh produce, ensuring goodness.  Enjoy using raw and cooked whole foods, which deliver enzymes and nutrients.  These are helpful for the digestive system and the recipes use minimal, extra virgin olive oil; fantastic for the liver!

In some cases, some oil is needed in the baking and for greasing trays and pans.  So extra virgin olive oil is used here and sometimes water, can replace this i.e. when baking vegetables.  Where possible, it’s actually best, to pour the oil on afterwards.  So that it is not heated and therefore it keeps its nutrients.

The ingredients used as sweeteners, in this book are formulated to find the right balance.  Syrups and dried fruit, often used in 'sugar-free' recipes are high in sugar.  This book is avoids these, as fresh fruits, nuts, spices have an amount of sugar, that the body can cope with.  Although it’s good to be cautious, in over using fruit, some nuts or sweet veggies, if sensitive to sugar.

It’s amazing how it helps the feeling of emotional balance too.  Plus, having the elimination, clean organs can provide clarity.  So mood and happiness improves too, which is a bonus.  Happy cooking and health!

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