I laugh too loudly and I talk too much.

I try not to but I find the most ridiculous things funny and then I can't stop laughing. In our house we all talk too much it's not just me! In my defence I spend a lot of time alone so I will talk to anyone and everyone. I do listen as well that's essential as a writer but it's best to make your excuses and leave if you find me having a soapbox moment.

Hayley Mitchell

Hayley Mitchell

I am obsessed with Christmas.

I love it, all of it. My Christmas organisational skills are the envy of all my friends. My house sparkles with glitter, the kids get trees in their rooms., decorations are everywhere, my tree is huge and my house is small. Presents are bought wrapped and hidden away before the first week of December so that we can start the part of Christmas that I really enjoy. The best bits for me are visiting friends and family, watching the kids when we go to see Santa, ice skating, the Christmas Eve family bike ride to the pub for lunch if the weather is kind, tracking Santa , trying to get the kids to sleep before midnight, making fake snow footprints,… oh I just love it all…What's not to love ?

I still miss my Dog

It's almost ten years since she died. I still have her ashes and I know it's time to finally set her free but I haven't quite managed to let her go just yet. She was lovely, a rescue dog who had been badly treated by someone. She went everywhere with us and sometimes I still have that feeling that I've forgotten something.

I hate cooking.

It's a chore I do it because I have to but honestly what's wrong with toast and salad?

It's taken me years to accept it but I am a creative person.

I run a small business encouraging creativity in children, I am a keen photographer and I write. I understand now why I was once such a miserable Civil Servant.

I was supposed to be a Solicitor.

My degree is in Law and I have to admit I enjoyed the subject, it is fascinating but I am so glad I never became a Solicitor I would have hated it. I don't regret it it's all part of the journey that brought me to where I am now.

I finally know what I want to do with my life.

Deep down I have always that writing is what I wanted to do. The path to get here has been winding to say the least. I've written for years but it has taken me until now to finally finish the first book, every other book I started dried up at around the twenty thousand word point which is a bit worrying as I just hit eighteen thousand on my second book!

I have the most amazing friends.

Some go way back and some are more recent but I feel incredibly lucky to know so many great people.

I find a de-clutter incredibly satisfying.

I live with three hoarders and mess makers…it drives me insane.

I love my bike.

I ride it with attitude. Wrap round shades and helmet on, hopefully nobody knows it's me. It's a mountain bike, it's blue and no it doesn't have a name. I love to be outside, I love the solitude and thinking time. I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the country and every year I try to spend a couple of weeks in Scotland where you can go for miles off road and rarely see another person. I'm not exactly extreme but I have been known to get in the odd side slide and I often come home with a satisfying splatter of mud.