Overwhelmed by clutter or just need a little more order in your home? Helen Sanderson explains why it's vital to have a good clear out every now and then. 

Helen Sanderson

Helen Sanderson

Saving Time - Rushing around looking for things can waste a lot of time, make you late and is very stressful. If this happens regularly it can wear you down. There’s a simple solution: set up good systems so you know where to find things. Choose one spot for your keys, keep your wallet in your bag or next to your keys.  This will save so much time, and you’ll leave the house calm and ready for the day.

Increase your self-esteem – if you’re someone who closes the door on a cluttered home or room and doesn’t invite anyone in because of the mess, then the chances are you feel ashamed about your space. Having a clear and tidy space is part of any good self-care programme and will make you feel so much better about yourself.

Make money – often when we declutter we find treasures that we no longer use that can be passed on, sold or donated to charity. One client sold his record collection and made £700 in cash.

Save money – Not being able to find a critical piece of paper when you need it can cost you time, stress and fines. I worked with a lady to consolidate piles of paperwork that was all over her house. After we’d created filing systems, her son was able to find a critical piece of paper that saved him from a £1000 fine.

Free up energy – stuff holds energy and if you’re not loving something or looking after it, it will be a drain. Letting go of clutter frees up energy. My clients are always empowered by the work we do, and happier and more energised for letting things go. 

Make space for a relationship – often a cluttered home is a way of creating a wall of protection. You need to make space to bring someone new into your life. Many people who tell me they want to meet someone, live in rooms filled with the past or just too much stuff.

Letting go of the past – keeping things that remind us of a past love, divorce or bereavement can hold us back. Making time to consolidate, declutter and face the past by letting go of physical reminders can make you feel so much better and honours the person or a period of time that has passed.

Create more head space – having less stuff to do and less visual clutter will give your eyes and head a break. Clutter is an assault on your brain; you see things that need doing and your inner nag gets activated. It’s all part of a stress cycle that can be prevented by clearing things away and creating more space.

Make space for something new -  hidden underneath all the clutter is often a creative project, dream or skill you want to learn. Clutter can be a great distractor and once it is cleared there’s space, both literally and psychologically, to start that creative project.

The Joy of Giving – A common thread in all spiritual teachings is the importance of giving. Clients often tell me of their joy at discovering that money raised by unwanted stuff they have donated has helped a good cause.


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